List of Column names and types for each table in App

I am migrating a bunch of tables from Google to Glide.

Anyway to create a list of columns/fields with types for each table?

For example below would look something like this:

Table: ( W CRUD Baant )
–>Budgets - Text
–>Approved - Text
–>@ Creator - email

… for all Glide types such as Templates, LookUps etc


You mean you want to categorize each column into groups? You can use the forward slash naming convention to do that.

For example: Budget/Text for the column heading.

Actually, more like a DB dictionary or, dare-I-say, schema.

I am manually copying a number Google tables (which are used as ‘working/temp’ tables for custom form screens) to new Glide table versions of them and want to make sure I copy over everything exactly. Some of these working tables have 30-40 columns (lots of calculated columns which are really slow in a google table).

Good lesson - use Glide tables wherever you can. They are much faster than Google syncing.

Thanks as always

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Ahh, so a better vertical representation of each column, it’s type, and configuration so it’s easier to visually scan through and see what you need to recreate in your new tables?


Exactly…so I just manually created my own by ‘screenshot’ all the tables and put the pictures into a PPT and have migrated two smaller tables so far.

These are all working tables which I use to create things (events, meetings, etc) so after setting them up I do a: show detail (temp table).

Then the hard work - I have to replace everywhere I use the current google temp tables with new glide temp tables. Recreating the screens should be a quick copy/paste and if I keep all the columns the EXACT same name I hope they connect similarly. Going to test shortly. Fingers crossed.

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That would be awesome to have something like that…and printable too…for documentation and a bit of a backup if you ever need to recreate a column.

Good luck. A lot of work, but worth it in the end.


I strongly believe this should be a requirement cause every corporate customer will want a “copy” of their schema. Hardcopy backup so to speak

It is just the way DBA’s are built - and in the end this is a product that will end up under the purview of DBAs in one way or another. It is a database after all is said and done.



Created a new Glide table exactly like the original google table - see the two images.

Weirdness #1:
Why is their an “Is Favorite?” boolean in the Glide table? Is this a default added column? Not clear from documentation. Also - no screens have been created for this table, it is brand new with no data.

Weirdness #2:
Why isn’t Row ID shown in the Glide table action sequence for the Add Row?

My only concern is the Row ID…

Original google table:

New Glide table:

ORIGINAL Add Row from an action sequence:


NEW GLIDE TABLE Add Row from an action sequence:


That’s a built in column. Normally it shows up if you utilize the built favorites feature or display the favorites bar on a list style view in classic apps. If it’s not used, then usually it becomes hidden. Nothing you should need to be concerned about.

RowID is automatically populated. You shouldn’t need to fill it with an Add Row sequence. It may be different because you are using glide tables instead of google sheets, which technically would let you put anything you want into a RowID column. Are you trying build a process to migrate your data? You could instead export a CSV from your google sheet, and then import that CSV into glide, which would be quicker. Not sure how it will handle the RowIDs though. That may or may not get hairy because RowID’s are normally assigned automatically. Maybe it will handle it just fine since the column headings are the same. Haven’t tried it myself.

At one point I must have tried Favorites and now it is there. No biggie.

Nope - just cleaning up slow google working/temp tables with fast glide tables. These happen to also be the most complicated screens (both screen layouts and post processing ‘Create’ actions) so I was waiting/hoping for a migration tool.

I do a lot of glide fun stuff (use unique IDs, create relations, lookups, etc) that hits the google table and it is slow. I replaced this technique (using google temp tables) with glide tables in other parts of the app to big improvement. Now I have to retro-fit.

Almost 1 down - 5 more to go.

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