List of choice with item already taken

Awesome, thanks it works.
Now, next level, i have two differentes leagues : Ligue Bibi and Ligue BOBO
Depends on what ligue i suscribe.
I need to make the same thing but for two differents leagues :rofl:

In my example, Black should appear :slight_smile: because it was choosen in another league.

Right. This is where I got stuck. You want to filter per color per league.

Before I answer, would you ever have more than 2 leagues?

Yes, any user could be able to create a new league and invite friends. :slight_smile:

Hope it is clear :wink:

First thing I would do is change your form a bit. Since you are clicking on a form within the league, then you can automatically pass the league name into the form using the Column Values so you would only have to select a color. If you aren’t in a league detail screen, then I would make sure that’s where you put the form button.

I tried but failed to get the color list to exclude chosen colors. If feels so close, but not quite there. This would be so much easier if we could have an inverted relation that return rows that didn’t match. I can easily build a choice component of colors that have already been chosen, but I can’t do the opposite.

I was able to do it with checkboxes, but it is ridiculously convoluted and I’m not sure I can adequately explain it all. I’m not using a colors sheet or a choice component at all.

This is the League sheet:

  • I created a template column for each color and joined it with the league name (team in this case)
  • The I created a relation to the form choice sheet which will link to a similar template column for each color
  • Finally I create a lookup column for each color the pulls back the checkbox value from the selected color

This is the form response sheet:

  • This contains email, league, and a column for each color.
  • Next I created an if/then column that checks for true in each color column and outputs the color that was selected.
  • next I created a template column that joins the league name and color from the if/then column
  • finally I created a color column for each color, which will hold the value from every color that was already selected prior to opening the form. This is so I can pass the lookup columns from the league sheet into the form to be used for visibility conditions on each checkbox. It’s weird, but it works.

This is how the form looks:
The Red checkbox isn’t showing due to it already being selected by someone else

When you select a color, all of the other colors will be hidden so you can’t select 2 colors.

These are the visibility conditions to show or hide the checkboxes.

Like I said, this would have been a whole lot easier with an inverted relation or the ability to filter a relation somehow, but we don’t have that option right now. This is quite a bit of work and I only did this with three colors, so it will be several extra column for you to handle all of your colors. Ultimately, it’s doable, but will be a lot of work. Maybe somebody else has a much easier solution that I missed. Good luck with this.


That’s what I’ve already requested

Values from Column & Clicked

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@noneight @noneight @Robert_Petitto I just found a way to get a list excluding some item😨

@noneight @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto
Guys, I rethought about this logical and my mind got cleared, see if you understand. Not that hardest logical. It was just in front our face all this time :man_facepalming:t2: Lol

Take a look.

I take the sheet where I create my colors list and made a Relation to my Chosen Colors sheet. Created a third one using the blessed IF THEN ELSE feature :pray:t3:

That’s what I did.

When Relation Chosen Colors is empty, then it gets me back the COLORS, else, empty again.

Look this in practice:

The Choice component I use our third column I created, the CHOICE COLORS

And yes, I use a filter:

When our IF THEN ELSE Column is empty, then we get out Filtered List

BOOMM… :boom::exploding_head:


Damn… I was tryna discover it all this time. Happy for this!


@Lucas_Pires That’s similar to what I did initially, but only using the the relation for the filter instead of an if then column. Pretty much the same as yours, but with one less step.

The problem we are trying to solve is what if you are using the same color list on 2 different categories (in this case Leagues). Each category can each use up a color once per user/category. This could be solved with separate color lists and conditionally showing one or the other depending on which league you are viewing. The problem is you can have an endless amount of leagues and each one should have access to the same color choice list, but with the list filtered only for that specific league. If you have any ideas for that scenario, I’m all ears.

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Exactly…haven’t had time to work on this, but now that there are more eyes on it, might try my hand at it again.

Would still be neat if we had a “I want to…” solutions page that we could reference once we do come up with solutions.


Got it. Let’s keep on testing it

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Hello Jeff,
Thanks for your time, you seem to find smart way :slight_smile:
I follow all the steps but i don’t understant how to set the “Red/Green/Black already selected” column
When i want set my form, the “Lkup-Red” doesn’t appear in my column section :frowning:

any idea? :slight_smile:

Not exactly what you were looking for, but you’ll at least get the end result you want (no duplicate teams)


Same logical of our booking system. That’s a way to do, cool


I think your relations that the lookup columns use in your league sheet are set to multiple. This is bringing back an array of colors, even though only one color is matching. Array’s cannot be set to single value columns.

@Robert_Petitto’s idea might be better.
I have a similar setup in the Booking example in

Hello Jeff,
Thanks for your answer. :grinning:
I am not sure to understand. Indeed, I change my relation from multiple to simple, but it doesn’t change anything. When i want to set my component i can’t find the look up (Lkp in my example) like you did :

I am close but i don’t know what i forget :sweat_smile:

If you wana check :

That link doesn’t help me. I would need the published link.

It’s hard to follow the gif since I can’t pause it, but it looks like you might have the columns set up correctly, but it seems like your form button is on the wrong page. You should have the the form button in the details of the League in Ligue Ami Bis. I’m not exactly sure which tab sheet you have your form button on since I don’t see Mes Ligue listed as one of the tabs in your data view, but it looks like it’s on the Lique Ami sheet. The ‘Column Values’ will pull from the detail you are currently viewing, so that’s why you need to be viewing one of the leagues to then click on the form button and get the lookup column values.

Hey Jeff,

I am getting closer :sweat_smile:
I am not sure to understand the visibility condition (above) but i make it work with those conditions (red example) image

Now i just don’t how to select another league. Every time i i do this workflow, it is always for Ligue 1, what about if i want to join Ligue 2 ?

Here the linke you ask :

Thank so much :grinning:

I took a look at your app, but honestly I got a little confused. I clicked on Join league a couple of times and it only added league 1 to the list. Also I created a league, but it there was no way to view it. Basically you need to have a list of all of the leagues, or at least the leagues that the user belongs to. When you are viewing the details for that league, that is where you need to place the form button to select your color. I could not find where you have the form button to select a color within a league, or anywhere for that matter.

@noneight (Months later…) I believe I’ve figured it out :love_you_gesture: Loom link is below. My use case is for products but I think this will work the same for any choice type. Let me know if this does (or doesn’t) work for you!