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Hey Team,

I am in the process of building my first app on Glide but was a bit disappointed when I found the Zapier integration currently does not support the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms action. This action would allow my users to automatically sign into their LinkedIn accounts during the app’s onboarding – allowing me to also collect/verify their account details via the app.

Anyone know of any other workarounds or zapier-alternatives who can do this? Thanks.

So I assume what you want is a button to let users sign in to their own LinkedIn accounts, and get their account’s information back to your database in Glide?

I don’t think that’s possible for now.

Yes exactly! Would you happen to have any insight when that might be possible? Or whether there is a workaround?

Sorry, I’m not sure if something like that will ever be possible. I don’t know a workaround for this.

ok appreciate your response @ThinhDinh. Curious why you think something like this will ever be possible?

This is an important feature for what I am trying to build. I need to vet specific users based on their professional background. It sounds like I may need to move over to a different platform if this isn’t on the roadmap in the near future.

I guess Glide has something like that in their sign in process with the Google authentication. You login with your Google account, then your email is written back to the user profiles table.

I think it would be ideal for you if Glide ever allows people to sign in with their LinkedIn profile so you can extract relevant data, but there’s little movement on that front since the start of Glide. They stick to the PIN method, and then added Google authentication.

There has been more requests for login with Facebook or phone number, and nothing has suggested that they are close.

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ahh that’s a shame. As of right now I have a field requesting users to input their LinkedIn profile link, but its a manual process and kind of puts a drag on the onboarding process.

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