Link glide tables

Hi, I am using Glide tables.

I have a table called Skill and another called Team Skills.
every row in the Team Skill table will be linked to one item in the Skill table.

How can I link the tables together so that when I delete a skill in the Skill table, the corresponding row in the Team Skill would also be deleted?

If you create a relation in your Skill table that matches the corresponding row in your Team Skills table, then you can use a Delete Row action via that relation. You would need to use a Custom Action with two steps. The first step to delete the row in the Team Skills table (via the relation), and the second step to delete the row from the Skill table. The order of the actions is important, because if you delete the row from the Skill table first, the relation will break and so the row from the Team Skills table won’t be deleted.


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