Link format: how to use the cURL format - instead GET format?

Hey gliders!
I need to open a link to start API integration.
The service i am calling asked to request it by the cURL format request in its documentation (there are also PHP and Phyton methods).
I copied that cURL to my column in GS and use by Open Link actions. There is an error unfortunately.
“type” : “error”,
“id” : “602597d6-de52-47e6-89d5-b26b93189a59”,
“code” : “invalid_request”,
“description” : “Request sent for an endpoint with no processor”

So the question is could we use cURL format to open a link, or we need to transform cURL to GET format first?
If we need to use only GET to open a link in Glide, how we could to convert cURL into GET?
Thank you very much in advance)

Another way - How could we open a link by Glide
if it stored
in a cURL (multi line) format?

  • not in GET (one line) format.

Are you trying to do just GET?

Can we have an example of how they’re trying to tell you to use cURL to do a GET request?

Ya…this sounds like the use of a webhook or an HTTP module in Integromat…


Thank you very much, Robert! :pray:
I’ve thinked only way to open a link is “Open Link” Action, but seems it can use just a GET method. And after your post i hope will found another ways to open link with another methods. Running to do this) :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :biking_man:

Can you show which API you want to work with?

You might be able to use the Fetch JSON plugin.

ThinDinh, thank you for your reply. They have a documentation, and it describe the POST method should be used, aka

Also their Support answered the GET method is not applicable.

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Thank you very much :pray: Darren!
Which method do you think work faster
Fetch JSON
or a Webhook
or a HTTP module by Integromat?

i think, fetch JSON is pretty fast… and you can use it in google scripts

I don’t think you can do POST with the Fetch JSON module, so probably the easiest solution might be a webhook to Integromat, and then use the HTTP module to send the POST request.

The other alternative would be Apps Script, as Uzo suggests, but that may be a challenge if you’re not familiar with Apps Script.

yes you can… I’m posting links to Stripe using script
sorry, not fetch JSON… UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, params)

Thank you, Uzo :pray:
Unfortunately am not familiar with Google scripts.
Will se what would be faster - to use Integromat (i used before for other purpose),
or to deep into scripts. Seems the first would be faster.
Anyway i will see your way also to keep it in mind next time)

Thank you Darren :pray:
Going the first way)

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