Let's talk about ... When will there be animated transitions in Glide?

Glide is great and is one of the technologies in the industry that offers the best performance and in turn the opportunity to make a good design. But I think many of us wonder when will there be animated transitions in Glide?

For which components do you want an animated transition, and what type of transition? I have dived into many components’ settings and they do set animations in there.

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Oh, wow. That is awesome. Have you done it with CSS?

Could you pass me an animation for an “image” component?

How I want us to speak the same language to have a talk one day, Thinh.

I mean Glide does have some animations for components already, maybe just not as flashy as we want.

The master of animation is @hisashi.fujita. You can read some of his topics here.


That’s fine … But, it’s not exactly what I was referring to …


Fran. Tu app es realmente IMPRESIONANTE. Tengo demasiadas dudas. Muchas como para poner en este comentario. ¿Tienes algún número de WhatsApp o medio de contacto? yo también llevo unos meses trabajando en una app delivery y hasta me ocasionaste dudas, ideas y sobretodo preguntas. Felicitaciones y saludos!

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@Lucas_Pires I think you would like to see this. Wow

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Thank you very much @Jorge_Hernandez , if it took me a long time to learn everything implemented in my project and I am glad to know that you liked my project, I leave you my contact number +51936445313, I am from Peru

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Okay…Just WOW! :heart_eyes::clap:…

That’s amazing…I did not understand a word you said because I don’t speak Spanish but like they say…a picture says a 1000 words…
I didn’t know Glide can be stretched to those limits…I have much to learn :scream::cold_sweat: