90+ animation using CSS

Hey guys I’ve been working on these animations for a while, finally get to showcase them. There are 90+ animations for all purposes using CSS. Hope y’all can have some fun with it. You can copy the code from the app.


Joint work with @ShantanuIyengar :+1:


Thk u both w/ @ShantanuIyengar
:cat::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I haven’t seen everything but it’s so funny as bonus :purple_heart::teddy_bear::cherry_blossom: almost a Tex Avery (ok, you’re too young to know Tex Avery cartoons!)

I can certainly use this.

Good idea too to show numbers as menu, like elevator floor numbers…

Enjoy your Glide!


Wohoa! This is so powerful!

@Harsh_Ganatra how would I go about running the animation only once? For example the fade-ins I might only want triggering into visibility once instead of that looping.

Thanks for this amazing library!

EDIT: answered my own question by just removing the word infinite… :see_no_evil:



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I can’t believe, is so simple!!! Biggest THANKS!!! Your are awesomes!!!

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Is it possible to apply these animations to buttons, and other components?

I broke glide, when i tried to do that :joy:

I haven’t seen this before but it is so funny and creative, you deserve a :pizza: … no doubt!

Saludos @Harsh_Ganatra

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