Let Users Save files to their own Google Drive/add events to their own Google Calendar (Oauth authentication)

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I don’t think this is possible with Glide (because you need per user authentication) but I wanted to ask anyway. Is it in any (super creative) way possible to let people authenticate their own Google Drive/Calendar so that they can add files to their own Drive/events to their own Google Calendar rather than one general drive or calendar I set up beforehand (for example with Make).

Any ideas welcome!


Not to my knowledge with Google Drive, as you said the problem mainly lies with how we get the authentication.

With Google Calendar though, you can try an Agical button.

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You can embed GDrive folders/docs in a web view and they will work, provided that:

  • the signed in user is also signed in to their Google Account, and
  • the signed in user has permissions to the folder

Agical sounds amazing! I am going to check that! I am sure our users will be extremely happy with a one click add to calendar :smiley:

That gives me an idea! :smiley:

I am going to look into creating a per-user (shared) folder in a Google Drive for my application with Make/zapier and push the link back to the application. That way, it will kinda work as a private per-user file storage!:wink:

Yes, I did almost exactly that in one of my Apps, except I managed the folder permissions with Apps Script.

@Darren_Murphy , @ThinhDinh

I did some more research and I think this is really interesting so I am adding it here. Apparently there are some really easy-to-use Low Code OAuth services like Pathfix (this seems the best) which let users of your app authenticate using OAuth on hundreds of other applications so that you can use their specific data. They handle all the difficulties of OAuth and give you a simple API of Pathfix you can use to create calls to all the services a user authenticated to.

The only thing which is missing in Glide is the ability to add the below code to a page (with the user-id filled in by glide, probably just the emailadress (or maybe you can also choose the role so that users sharing a role can also share the connection to a third party app so that they have access to the same 3rd party data) to let users authenticate and a way to store in Glide which user/role has authenticated for which service.

Given that an implementation with Pathfix would be pretty simple for Glide to implement, it would be a super cool feature to add as this would effectively allow for more individualized experiences for each app user.

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