Less Than, Greater Than is invert

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    I have a bug with the Greater than and less than on the Container / Collection.
    It looks like the opposite than it should be. Not sure if it’s me.

You are referring to the below, yes?

The way it appears is correct.

  • a is greater than b : a > b
  • a is less than b : a < b

Total des ventes = Sales

I understand the inequality haha! But my Sales is for this exemple 1232,00$. I ask glide to show the Sales when Sales is greater than 10 000$. Maybe it’s because of the comma?

You set the Visibility of the entire collection component. Either the entire collection is going to show, or it will be hidden. Whichever row that screen is connected to probably has a sales value greater than 10000. It probably is the first row in the table. If that first row was not greater than 10000, then the entire collection component would be hidden. Visibility controls whether or not you want to display the entire component. It does not control the contents inside the component.

If you want to determine which rows in are displayed inside of that collection, then you need to set the Filter, and not the Visibility.


Thanks man !

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I needed a filter instead !

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