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hello! i’m building a legal tech engine with Glide. Im using Airtable for my backend data, which is mainly in txt format (laws, regulations, jurisprudence, doctrine, etc) Any recommendation to take for this kind of data?

What exactly do you want to build? I don’t understand the functionality :wink:

Hello! Im creating a Legal Search Engine for laws, regulations, jurisprudence and other type of legal data. Im using Airtable as the data set, Glide and ChatGPT (it works fine with the API of Chat Gpt and the integration that Glide has for it).

Any recommendation its really welcome.



So do you have any specific questions about building the data structure, the frontend, or best practices? Are you stuck somewhere building it?

Well, the IP of ChatGPT works fine (I still have to “train” the transformer with my local laws and regulations). The only matter is that sometimes the question box gets deleted :confused:

Like this. I can see the answer of a previous question i did (“Respuesta del Viky bot”) but when i click in “Nueva pregunta” (new question) I can’t make a new question since the question box its deleted :frowning:

To help with that, we’d need to understand more how your components are configured.
For example:

  • what does the action on the button do?
  • are there any visibility conditions on any of the components?
  • what is the larger context? Are these components inside a form, or a details screen?

Some screen shots that show how things are configured would be useful.

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Thanks for replying :slight_smile: i’ll answer the questions:

  • The action of the button makes you generate a new prompt in Chatgpt (a new question regarding laws). The questions and the answers are registered in the Data Page of Glide, but i can’t see the question nor the answer in the Layout anymore. The question box has disappeared somehow from the layout.
  • In the visibility section I haven’t added any type of condition (and the prompts were visible this way) I just put some filter data concerns. it remains like this:

  • The components should normally be on the screen of the page “consultas normativas”. Regarding the components section, I added a Title “haz tu pregunta” (make your question") and a Text entry “llena este espacio” (fill this space) that is no longer visible in the layout. :frowning:

I’ll keep testing the platform. Thanks for your kind attention :partying_face:

But where were the components before it “disappeared”? Right on this screen? Did you change anything on the layout?

Hey! it’s fine, i was having some little issues with the filter data but its fine now. I finally did my desktop glide app! (i stopped using Airtable as the dataset, and i stopped using Chatgpt since hallucinations were a huge trouble…) If you want to take an eye to the end product, i did the following landing page in spanish : It helps ordinary people to know tax law in an easier way.

If any of you guys is making a legaltech app with nocode, share your thoughts. I did have a great time starting with Glide :smiley:

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