Kind of Carroussel

I’m trying to create this: on the same location I want to change the image every x minutes or seconds. I created a table with only one row, uploaded images one in each image column like this: img1 img2 img3 then I created an ITE with now + 0.01 for example to display before, after etc, but it doesn’t work , because there is no time interval, that is to say between this time and that time. Am I on the right track?

Can you take some screenshots of what you have please?

You’re right on the part that you don’t have a time interval, then it won’t work. I assume you want it to work like an automatic slideshow?

Yes. :+1:
Ok, thanks, I will see if I can imagine something else…

Finally, easy to do: inline List SV Random image only show one.
First time I use SV column.

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That’s a beginning because I cannot controle yet the duration. Maybe SV is good way to do it…