Kanban writes dates in text format

I am trying to create a weekly scheduling tool using the Kanban component. I am grouping by date value (entered by a date picker). When I move a record from one group to another it creates a mess… The date in the spreadsheet is written as text ('20/2/2023). And this creates incorrect results. I don’t know how to deal with dates anymore. Is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong?

I moved this topic under the Bug category hoping that someone can show me that I’m wrong! Thanks

That looks weird to me. Is the column you’re grouping by already a date/time column?

What does the left column look like in your Kanban Custom Groups setting? Can you please take a screen shot of the Custom Groups values?

Yes, it is a data column in Glide

No custom group, I choose the date column as a group by under the configuration settings.
With my project I moved over by grouping on a column with the date written as a number (aaaammgg). I needed this column not to be a computed one so it was tricky but I did it.

In this video I did a test glide table to show you what’s wrong with grouping by a date in the kanban component. There’s no audio but you should be able to see that it makes a mess inverting month and day when I move a record from a group to another.

Thanks for the video. I was thinking it might have to do with a custom group. My best guess is that this has to do with how the Glide Kanban component is treating the data. It almost looks like it is reading the date, and then creating categories that are text values, and then writing those text values back to the table. Dates are usually stored as that longer string (YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00.000Z) and then shown as a date with formatting applied.

Is your data being stored in a Glide table or Google sheet? I had a similar problem in an app with a Google sheet as storage where every time I added a new row it would auto apply the formatting. I was able to implement a workaround where I had another column apply formatting to the actual date column that I was writing to. While your problem is slightly different, if you are using a Google sheet, you may be able to use the same workaround.


Yes my data is stored in Google sheet. The video is based on a test table that is a Glide table, so the problem happens in both cases.
Now, to be able to go on with my app I also did a workaround and now the Kanban collection is grouping by a numeric value (YYYYMMDD). It works fine but it costs me some extra-work. The Kanban collection also lack a way to sort the groups! Also in this case I had to do a workaround to have the dates in the correct order.
Thank you for your help.

I’m glad you found a workaround with a numeric value. It sounds like the Kanban component might have a date type field limitation. Hopefully someone from Glide can confirm my guess.

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