Kanban Collection, might be a bug

Changing the data from category to category in Kanban collection is not changing the description immediately if it is from calculated ITE column, but i have to refresh the page to show the description current value.

the below image before refreshing

the below image showing the value of that description reading from
Data on Editior before refresh

Then after refreshing the page it shows the correct value, see the below image

is that a bug? or am i missing something?

Kindly, Advice

Have you tried this on an incognito browser? Does the same happen?

If so, please, submit a ticket https://glide-help.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


i will do as you said. Thank you.

My page app is not yet published, So i am not able to open it at incognito browser. but it is still showing after i deleted the entire table and start fresh