Js to perform in-app purchases

The use case that I am trying to achieve is not supported by Glide but I will ask here to see if anyone will help.

Web2Native has been my “go to” for conversion of Glide web apps into iOS files for submissions. Apart from a few hiccups, their service works great.

Use case description:

  • Following these instructions from Web2Native, I wish to use js to implement calls to the App Store for sale of annual memberships or monthly memberships.
  • I have studied the javascript example provided by Glide for using js to perform computations and created a Replit account.
  • The example from Glide is a great teaching tool but not quite my use case.
  • I have a membership page within the Glide app with two images (one for each membership option). I wish to setup the js such that an action will perform the call, enabling someone to purchase a membership.
  • On a scale of js mastery, with 0 being “what is javascript” and 10 being “PRO”, I’m roughly a 2-3 (currently).

The membership page contains two images. The goal is to set up everything so that clicking on the image will trigger an action that results in a membership.
This is the membership page.

Does the js go into an experimental javascript column? Or do I need to host function.js, glide.json, etc files in replit and call them from the experimental column?

I stopped after the following point in my data, knowing this is not correct.

You can tell I am a bit stuck.
Many thanks in advance.

I’m not the most well-versed about JS, but I have never used it like what you did here. I have mostly used the JavaScript column to transform data, and at best fetch a URL.

Hence, I don’t know if your use case can be satisfied. It seems like you’re expecting the code to be run when a user performs an action to purchase like a native app?

Have you explored alternatives like PayHere or does it have to be a native purchase?

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Thank you for the kind suggestion regarding PayPal. Hosting an app on the App Store without using Apple payment solutions would be an insurmountable obstacle to selling subscriptions because our target demographic has loaded a credit card into the App Store but have not attached a PayPal account to their App Store account.

Would anyone in this community that knows how to build this use case be interested in building it within my app for a fee? If yes, please reach out. I would love to hear from you.

I meant PayHere.

Oops - sorry.
Thank you for attaching the link - just found it with a Google search.
Will study the tutorial next.
Kind regards

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We have decided to rebuild this app in Swift and discontinue use of Glide once it’s ready. While we have loved Glide, and the community is fabulous, it simply isn’t designed for what we need. Better to do the conversion now before the app gets much bigger.

Thank you, from my heart, to everyone who taught us and helped us.
Best wishes for your success and health.


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