Job Posting: No Code App Builder

Hey ya’ll! My name is Tara Reed and I’m the CEO of Apps Without Code.

I’m hiring a No Code App Builder to join my 6-person remote team🎉! Looking for someone to help lead our App Done For You department! Applications due April 5th

Here’s the link to apply:

Apps Without Code is revolutionary online school teaching people how to build their own apps & tech businesses without writing any code. We teach tools like GlideApps, MightyNetworks and Sharetribe to everyday entrepreneurs who want to launch an app business.

We were founded in 2016. In the past few years, we’ve trained 30,000 entrepreneurs in 14 different countries. Also, each month, about 50 new entrepreneurs join our premium 8-week training program.

App Examples:

Most of our clients are building niche apps for industries who lack great technology tools. Examples include…

—> Apps to help manufacturing plants in the Midwest track their assembly line processes

—> Apps to help schools teach music classes when their arts budgets get cut

—> Apps to help farmers track their inventory

Here’s what you’ll do:

Many of our clients choose to have us build the app for them, while they focus on the marketing & monetization. You’ll be a critical leader on the App-Done-For-You team !

  1. Build apps for clients using Glide
  2. Schedule calls with clients to get their feedback on the app
  3. Complete a final round of revisions on the app
  4. Teach clients how the app works so they can make their own basic changes to it
  5. Keep track of your progress finishing the app in a CRM

You’ll report directly to the CEO

Applications due April 5th. Here’s the link to apply:


Sounds like fun. If I didn’t already have a full time job, I’d be all over this.