Apps Without Code challenge: Building a course app with Glide (Sept 12-15)

Our friends at Apps Without Code are hosting a new #nocode challenge next week!

Running from September 12th to 15th, the workshop series covers:

  • How to come up with an app idea
  • How to make money building apps
  • How to build a Udemy-style mobile & desktop app using Glide

If you’re new to Glide and not sure where to start, this week-long challenge is a great way to dive in.

Interested in taking part? Register to save your spot. :white_check_mark:

What’s Apps Without Code?

Apps Without Code teaches people how to bring their app ideas to life. It’s led by Tara Reed, who helped popularize the nocode movement in 2014 with her TEDx talk on how to build apps without code. Tara’s work has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and Forbes, among others.

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~ Andy @ Glide