Item approval - Lock approved items and keep unapproved items editable

Hi there! I’m having trouble with a workflow that involves a business creating a campaign with multiple items that require approval from a customer. The customer can either approve or request changes for each item using a choice box (Stage 1 image below). Once the customer has made their decisions, they submit the campaign back to the business for review (Stage 2 image below).

However, my issue is that when the campaign is sent back to the customer after the business has made changes, previously approved items are not staying locked with the choice box removed and the approved hints displaying. This means that the customer could make changes to an item that they had previously approved, which should not be allowed to happen.

I need to lock the status of approved items while keeping unapproved items editable until they are approved (Stage 3 image below). The status of each item should only update and display hints once the customer clicks the submit button. Currently, the status is changing live, which is causing formatting issues (ie. approval hints showing and choice boxes disappearing before it has been submitted).

I’m looking for suggestions on how to work around this issue while still maintaining the workflow’s functionality. The campaign should continue to be sent back and forth between the business and the customer until all items are approved, at which point the campaign will be marked as fully approved.

Any ideas?

Image below showcases what it should look like - but it currently is not functioning this way.

There must be a reason for this, so if we can figure out why that is happening then we can make adjustments to stop it happening.

Can you explain more about what happens with the associated components?
Which types of columns and actions are involved?

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Hi @Darren_Murphy - to save me writing you a novel, I’ve created a template of the the project so you can have a look.

I believe I know what can solve the issue. There are two fields within each item - ‘Item Status’ and ‘Item Approved?’. The ‘Item Status’ field changes whenever the user updates the choice box, meaning if we use that field for conditional formatting, the page starts showing them the different hints and elements live - but they should only see them once they hit the submit button. That’s where the second field comes in, ‘Item Approved?’, this will allow us to lock in an item and conditional formatted elements regardless if the status is changed.

You can see the desired results by manually entering ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the ‘Item Approved?’ fields with the corresponding status next to it. We just need to figure out how to populate these ‘Item Approved?’ fields when the user presses submit. If we can update each item’s ‘Item Approved?’ field when the submit button is pressed, we can lock in each item.

There will be a Business user and Customer user you can swap between to see how things look.

Link to project template:

Any chance you can invite me to the team this template is in, so that I can take a closer look?

The problem with the template is whilst I can see the UI, and I can see the data, I can’t see how any of the columns or component actions are configured (and templates can’t be copied at the moment, so that isn’t an option either).

So if you don’t mind temporarily adding me to your team, send me a private message with the join link and I’ll take a closer look.

Absolutely, I’ll send you a PM now!