It is possible to make a reservation system

Hi Im Luis

Good afternoon, I am new to using this technology and I have a project, but I would like to know if it is possible to do with glide, a system of say for sales, that it is possible to do something like this.

It is possible to do something like the image to be able to change the reservation statuses and see availability



Yes, you should be very easily able to build this type of app with Glide. However, the two blue icons at the bottom will not be how you have them in the image but workarounds exist. Glide supports Stripe only as payment gateway so the +/- is neither here nor there as you can add one item at a time only. Others are just workarounds which are not officially supported.

This sort of app you should be able to pull off within a week or two.

Go to the template store, find a free template on reservations for ideas, and take it from there.


Ok, thanks and could you receive notifications on the cell phone on the cell phone?

Yes I am checking which model something similar to the photo could be applied or simulated, glide is responsive right for this job is very important

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No, unless you use this method.

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The buttons would be a different size but you could do it using in line lists across the bottom and use combo actions alongside independent screen config. Where each image in a inline list performs a completely different action.

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Yes, my initial thought when I saw the layout was precisely to display the empty seats as in the image,add independent config, and add the Stripe button inside the configured screens. A bit tedious and repetitive but still easy for the end user.

All glideapps support tablet, phone, & desktop mode; so to that extent they are responsive.

Ohh gracias por la ayuda hoy comenzaré a revisar la documentación

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I think you should be able to recreate this whole look in Glide (excepting the +/- and add to cart)…Best of luck.!

Share the app with the community when you’re done - I can’t wait to see it!

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You can do that as well, each image does an increment to the number

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But how do you make the images side-by-side?


And each of those performs different actions

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interesting, thanks for sharing, in my case each one will have 3 states free, busy, etc, I could also update the state, right?

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Yes you would get round that by creating an IF THEN ELSE column…when reserved-show blue, when busy purple…etc else green…!

Okay here is a quick demo…in fact you dont even need to configure any screens…you can build on it from here on…ive added pay button as well which appears on screen when free.

just copy the app


Wiz you sly dog you. That was quite nice of you.

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