Is timer counts as edit?

I am using a math column to calculate the overdue tasks, so i am using the follows:

Requested task date - now

This expression is always counting, does that count against allowed edit number.

I don’t know if you are specifically talking about the timer component, but that’s a good issue for the glide team to look into. Starting and stopping the timer does in fact update column values, so I would assume that currently it would count as an update.

But, your question seems to be focused on the math column. In that case, no it would not count as an update when calculating a date against Now. Computed columns are computed directly on the user’s device, so there is no data synchronizing between the app and the glide server to update the value of a math column. The only time it would count as an update is if you change the date that’s used in the calculation.

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Updates only happen when you add or edit data in your tables. Math columns don’t actually change data — they only make calculations.


Thank you for your kind prompt reply :pray:

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