Is this possible with Glide? Multi Vendor Marketplace MVP

I would like to create a glide app as a MVP for a product i’m considering exploring. This product will essentially be a multi-vendor marketplace. I do not necessarily need the full functionality but I would like to be able to convey products which are sold by multiple vendors using Glide. Is this possible? If yes, can anyone possibly point me to a use-case of Glide for a multi-vendor market place?

yes is possible, but a lot of work

Could you possibly point me in the right direction? I could not find a way to associate products with vendors, etc

yes… but the only general idea… for details I have to charge… it is a lot of work…
i did similar app shopping cart and check out like amazon have… maybe better… in glide…
multiple vendors… multiple items… inventory check… preventing double booking

yes just the general idea, and I also would not be opposed to paying. Can you possibly share a link to the app you created like this?

i cant… i sold that app for big $ and can not claim or use it

You sold it & cannot show it? Do they not have it live or something? I don’t understand.

i vowed all rights… so if i show you, you will know is me who created… earlier glide forum users will know … i was posting that app a year ago