Is there anyway to have recurring tasks in glide?

Hello community! I’m new here and have been exploring a few things. I would like to create a subscription tracker that allows users to automatically register their services, such as Netflix. My idea is as user:

  1. I enter the value of the service, for example $10

  2. Add the day it expires and the period of time. For example, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

What I want to know is if glide allows to add automatically without the user having to do anything a new row with the initial data of the name and the amount. For example:

I set Netflix to charge every first day of the month for $10. So when I enter the app the next month, let’s say the second day, that record has already been created automatically.

I hope I made myself understood :sweat_smile: thanks in advance

I don’t think there is a way inside of Glide Data to automate row creation. I have been trying to figure this out too.

The only way to do that is with an external integration tool. Apps Script, Zapier, Make, etc.


Do you really need new rows to be generated automatically? Would it be enough to mathematically calculate the next due date using the the initial due date and some math between that date and today’s date? You would only need one row per service, and based on today’s date, it would calculate the next due date for each service.

I think you would need to elaborate a little more on your app flow and how you expect it to work.

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Yes something like that I was thinking, but how will automatically register the cost of the service in the next due date?

May be, you need column(payment date) and column(payed period(days)), so you can use MAthColumn( payment date+payed period(days)) and you need if column: IF MAthColumn( payment date+payed period(days)) is after NOW then 0$ else 10$