Is there a way to show top 3 most frequently (used) items by the same user?


Actually this is sort of a stock portfolio I am trying to build.
I want to show the top 3 most frequently traded “symbol” by the current user.
Is it possible with glide table? tried some searches but failed to find my case.

Thank you!

@glide A user adds items to a collection. These items might be added multiple times to the collection. How might the user determine which 3 items were added the most?

@glide As far as I know, there is no such thing as a count action. Please explain to me how to determine the number of times an item appears in a collection.

Hi, Thank you for replies.
I kind of figured out how to list items with the count

but here’s the last problem… How do I eliminate duplicate items? so that only unique items appear in the list? in this case, it should be only S&P 500 and Nasdaq and then followed by Dow, only one each.

Thank you!

@glide How do I eliminate duplicate items in the collection? So that only unique items appear

This should help to eliminate duplicates. This is an excerpt from a different post.

This will give you an additional value that you can use in la filter.

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Thank you !

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