Is There A Maximum Joined Values In Glide Tables?

What is max count of row glide can handle in joined column ?

I believe the limit is for characters in a single Glide cell, which caps at 1 million for Glide Tables.

So Joined Column Which is a computed column will act as same as a normal Glide Cell ?

It is technically a cell in your Glide Table, so I expect that to be its limit. I have not heard of an “items” limit like you mention here.

Actually, I wonder if that limit applies to computed columns?
It might not… :thinking:
In practice, the limit is probably determined by how much available RAM your device has.

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I think this question needs to be confirmed by Glide Team as we are applying a certain webhooks based on joined lists and sequence of the rows and we don’t want to go and build the method and fail later when data is loaded

Might need to loop @Mark and @Jason in here.

The limit is your CPU and RAM.


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