Is my collection too big?

Hi all,

I launched my MVP today

I received a few comments that it crashes and loads way too slow. I had been testing on my desktop and speedy phone. After trying on a slower phone I see what they mean.

I had to cut the number of rows I’m displaying in the connection to 400 from above 4000 so it actually loads.

Anyone worked with as many rows before, and have advice? You’ll see what I’m trying to achieve on the homepage. But I want all 4000+ hospitals on the table displayed within the collection, at the moment I’m limiting it to 200.

Thanks to everyone that’s answered my questions here too.

Screenshot 2024-01-23 103945

Hi Adam, I opened your app on desktop (good internet connection, Macbook Air), and your app was snappy and smooth. Very nice. No loading issues on my side.

Thanks Nathan. I have set an item limit of 100 so it works. This is because it’s launched and people are going onto it already. But I want to display 4000+, so the site works thanks to the limitation. With that many rows it’s really slow.

You probably should switch to Big Tables, if your plan supports it.

Although that will most likely come with its own set of challenges, because from your previous questions I understand that you’re doing quite a bit with rollups and rankings, etc. Getting all that working with Big Tables will most likely require a bit of creative thinking…

Thanks Darren and your help on other questions.

Atm it’s not in my budget for big tables, unfortunately.

Can I do anything with filters?

Get them to set a state then only show the ones in that state?

I am trying to set this up but struggling to configure

That would work if you have a relation from the state input (custom filter writing to a user-specific column) to the state column in the list of hospitals. Use that relation for your collection.

I’m not sure how much benefit you’ll get from applying filters, because the entire table still needs to be downloaded to the client device before the filters are applied. That’s where Big Tables are so much better for performance, as data is only loaded in chunks as it is needed.

What is your data source? Using Glide Tables will probably help, if you aren’t using them already.

All that said, you’re running lots of calculations on a fairly large dataset, so I suspect that’s probably the main contributing factor to poor performance. If you have the budget for it, it might be worth your time to engage an expert to take a look and see if there are opportunities to optimise your calculations.


Hey, it’s a glide table. I’ll try get more users and put a budget together. For now, getting them to sign in and denote a state seems to be working on the filter front

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