Is it possible to have a drop down option in a form?

I’m looking to have the option to have a BUY/SELL dropdown option in a form which would populate into a column in the table on submission.

There was an old article about this but that seems to have been deprecated.

If not a dropdown, a slide or radio button option would do as well, as long as the functionality of auto-populating the column works .

All of the above are possible - have you tried?

If you want a drop down, use a choice component, which can also be configured as radio buttons.

Ok, so I think I’ve managed to get that done.

The article i was referring from an earlier conversation that i had searched for was a 404…

Managed to get the new article and understand it.


Now i have a bigger query which i was going to ask in another one but is it ok, if i ask about here?

Probably better to start a new topic.
If it’s a complicated scenario, please provide a screen shot or two to provide some context and help us better visualise your challenge.

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