Is anyone familiar with cPanel?

Hello. Is anyone familiar with cPanel hosting site? I am having trouble adding the second DNS record to host my app on my website.

I’ve used cPanel to manage Wordpress before—it’s been ages though.

My domain name is

I am having trouble adding the second DNS record. When I add the “app” to host it changes automatically to “” and then it gives an error. Do u get me? :frowning:

Typically “www” is used for the cname where you have “app”

Do you have a screenshot of when you click on the share button and your custom domain configuration in the glide builder?

Are you talking about this one?


The error that I am getting in my settings.

if you can’t solve, you can move dns zones to cloudflare and manage DNS from there

Depends on your provider but Online Chat will help very quickly get it work. Sometime it’s coming from the provider. I am on

the problem here is that you’re adding a subdomain, and not a CNAME record.
You should do the DNS editing from your domain registrar and not from CPANEL

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I have the same problem in cPanel
i add the CNAME and the TXT, but it show “Not Found” (i only works on “Zone Editor”)
Any tutorial, or step by step? (its a subdomain.