iOS Publishing Verification - Login Issue

I have a situation. I am trying to publish my app into the iOS App Store and as a part of the process, they need a set of login details to log in to the app. Now Glide uses email OTP based authentication, so there is no way for me to provide them with a set of testing credentials that are static. I have tried explaining this, but they reject it each time.

I was able to publish the app to the play store by adding the instructions to login, in the additional instructions box, but apple does not seem to budge.

Is there a way around this? Can the Glide team create a static OTP for a given email that I can provide to the App Store team?

Iā€™m not sure how third-party websites have dealt with this, you can search across this forum to see if anyone has successfully published to the App Store and ask them.

Regarding support from Glide, their stance is they have no plans to support publishing to stores going forward.

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