Integrating Homebase API - Any ideas

Looking to integrate scheduling data from Homebase into my glide app. Any idea of where to start?

Here are the API docs: Homebase

Curious if anyone has ideas of how to get this to work? I’m not sure I know what I even want to work, but connect the apps would be cool!

Thanks in advance!

So anytime a new “scheduling” is added in Homebase, you want it to be brought over to Glide?

That would be awesome! Homebase can provide an API Key, but unsure of how to bring this into Glide…

Thanks again!

You could either fetch the results from within Glide or probably more reliably, use a service like Make to listen for POST API calls from Homebase and then write them to Glide using Glide API.

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Really appreciate your guidance! Can I accomplish something similar using zapier + webhooks? I’ve never tried this before, but excited to give it a shot!

Thanks again!

Zapier’s webhooks should be the same, but I would recommend Make since it’s cheaper.

Per this, you’re trying to get Homebase data into Glide. What I would do in Make:

  • Check if Homebase has an in-built webhook to fire payloads whenever an event happens in there (i.e you add/edit/delete a record). If yes, point the payload to a webhook module in Make, get the payload and then have a HTTP call to return the relevant fields back to Glide.

  • If that isn’t available, check if they can query all records. It’s not ideal, but if they don’t have event-based payloads then it’s the only way you can do it. Run a query (via HTTP call, since I don’t see Homebase as an integration in Make), then filter out only records in the last X minutes, and get those back to Glide via another HTTP call. Schedule this scenario to run every X minutes.

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