Instant (automatic) audio play

“Audio” component requests manual “Play”. In my app I need automatic play as an action after some trigger. How it can be done, without much ado?

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This is the case for me. I mute some sites back in the days because of their autoplay feature. Granted there might be some cases that do make sense.

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Disagree fully because there is also notification action with autoplay of audio, one of presets. It would be fine to have the possibility of using your own audio instead of one of prest sounds.

My case: Kids are learning letters and I need applause or disappointment sounds depending on their answer. Mute button can be built and in place for whole session.

Hi Jeff! @Jeff_Hager
Would it play audio upon a condition, not by actions?
I need to play custom audio when user goes to place, defined by distance column.

Hi Miroslav! @Miroslav_Madaric
Did you solved this issue? Was that API helpfull in your case?
Thank you

No modern browser will allow audio to automatically play when a page loads, without some sort of user interaction first. That’s the point of the link I shared.

If you can get the user to interact with a screen before loading an audio component, then maybe you can get an HTML audio player to automatically play when a condition is met to allow it to display on the screen. It most likely has to be an HTML audio tag, with the autoplay parameter, within a rich text component.

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Thank you, Jeff!
Do you talking about user interaction with MY app’s screen, or user interaction with the PAGE LOADED by iFrame?

I don’t know for sure. That is something that would have to be tested.