Instagram Storys in Glide? Timer

Hi so i want to add Storys to my app. i used the “wait” action to wait and than delete the row. But if a user exits the App after publishing a Story the “wait” time will not be executed. Is there a way to make a Timer that runs even though the App was exited?

Why do you need to “wait and then delete the row”? Can you explain more about that part?

On instagram Storys are getting deleted after 24hours so if you make a story on my app i want the Story to be deleted after a time

I don’t believe you can do it with the wait action, it’s too much time and I don’t think it was built for that use case.

If you’re storing it within a Google Sheet, you can run a Make automation daily to delete rows that were created not within today.

I guess same thing applies for Glide Tables, but you have to have access to the query API (Business/Enterprise) to get the right rows to delete.

Else, you can have a button inside the app, that will delete those rows through a relation (create a boolean button to determine the rows that you need to delete, and then create a relation from the user profiles table to the column above, make it a multiple match). However, you have to go in and click this button.

I’d make this action part of the one that’s used to add stories. That would essentially give you a FIFO system - every time a new story is added, the oldest one is removed. And so the size of the table never increases.

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What about when a user then adds a new story before 24 hours or the set duration for the story is up?
…Or do you perhaps mean that after taking into consideration the duration of the story?

If there is no qualifying record (ie. one that is old enough), then the relation won’t be formed and the Delete Row action will fail.

This is actually an important thing to take into consideration when building the custom action. If there is an expectation that the delete row could fail the first few times, then it should be the final step in the action sequence. Otherwise the whole sequence could fail.


Please be aware that when you are doing this you are potentially exposing your Glide API token.

:flushed: Did I put my api token? I promise you that I be aware with it… Anyway, I removed the tableName.
Thanks @Darren_Murphy !

No, I mean that when you use that technique you are putting your API token at risk.
This is because the JavaScript column is executed on the Client Device, which means that your token is loaded on to the device.

A bad actor could - for example - discover your token and use it to delete all data in all tables in your App.

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It’s true… Thanks for the clarification, @Darren_Murphy !