Inline table deleted - need to recover it

I had a very crucial and complex inline list in App Classic.

It had 2 major action sequences associated with it and it has vanished.

Unfortunately I did not realize this until I had shut down the App (went back to the dashboard) and returned … so I can not ‘Undo’ it in hopes of it returning.

Is there anyway Glide support can recover this inline list or is lost.

This happened within the last hour.

I doubt this is possible, but would need confirmation from @SantiagoPerez .

Instead I dealing with it I played a round of golf to de-stress and started rebuilding the table a little while ago. The good news was I took a physical snapshot of the action sequence earlier so it should take an hour to rebuild without any other hiccups.

Thanks for the reply.

PS. Glide needs snapshots/checkpoints for builders (a very enterprise feature) and the ability to restore to a known good checkpoint. Glide is, in the end, a database and modern databases have recovery points.

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