Increment counter and Form

I setup a compounded action for a button

  1. Form
  2. Increment a User specific counter
  3. Success Notification

What I notice is once button is pressed, which takes you to a form, counter already increased by 1 and success notification is sent.
When I fill up the form data and click submit then another count is made…so for a single submission of form we have two counts. If the form is abandoned (Cancel), the count is increase by one.
This causes much unpredictability as I am using the count to determine when to hide the form button, i.e. if already submitted, then form button should be hidden.

Anyone having same issue of increment issue? What would be a better way to implement this task.


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You don’t need to have the increment and success happen before the form is submitted. You can configure that action in the form itself, so it only happens after the form has been submitted.

I’m having trouble with increment and form too

My case is different, but I still have a bug happening

Name in User sheet before submit form

Name after submit form, incrementing 1 in Answers sheet (like ??? lol)

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Inside the form, there is an increment for a counter?

Hey @Mns_Glide,

Inside the form you can set up actions to be done after the form is submitted. For that you need to open the form and go to the “Feature” on your right menu.

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thanks @SantiagoPerez

when I add form button, under features i can setup increment to a column called Counter…but after submitting the form a few times, the rows as added as expected from the form, but the counter still does not increment…you may see the pictures below. Any other suggestions?

Does the counter column live in the submissions sheet or the original sheet?

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Submissions sheet

And it only lets you increment a column in the Submissions sheet, I suppose.

For your purpose, making a relation to check if the submission is empty or not is a good way to do it.

About the increment in the original compound (not the form one), it will run without waiting for the form to submit so if you want to keep that flow, I would suggest:

Linking a button to a “Link to screen” action, link to “this item”.

Create user specific columns to temporarily store input data.

Use as many entry components as you need on that new screen.

Make a button with the compound containing an add row action, a set column to clear all entry values, a go back and show notification to complete the form mimic.


thanks Thinh.

I think relations is best way for my use case. I had multiple challenges, eg Quiz or submit photos, and the best way was to

  1. do relation between Event and Responses and then look up the number of submissions based on signed in User
  2. Use If-then-else to filter the number of submissions for the Event I wanted
  3. use the number of submissions to control visibility of the Form Button according to my need.

Thanks for throwing different ideas to help.

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