Include units from numbers when making array?

I’m not sure if my setup is optimal or not, but I have a form submission sheet which adds information about a specific type wall, floor, window, roof etc.

In the form, you are asked about the measured width of the wall. This column is a number column with the unit in “centimeters”.

I want to make all the cells in the row into one big text so I used “Make Array” to gather all the cells and used “joined list” to convert it to text.

“Make array” excludes the units. Is it possible to create another way where I can gather all the filled in cells in a row and include the units?

What you can do is add a template column that uses your math column as a replacement, and then use that in place of the math column when you create the array. This should preserve the formatting.

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks.