In the Interviews template, apply to multiple positions

What is the best way to edit Glide Interviews template to support multiple applications per employee?

Jack applied to positions x + y
Sarah applied to positions y + z

Employer Y will be able to see both Jack and Sarah’s applications.



I don’t have the template, but it sounds like the relation that is currently being used is not a multiple relation. There’s a checkbox in the relation to change it to a multiple relation. That should do the trick… I think!

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this is an Glide official template (you can open it by clicking on the link above).

At the end of the day, this is a many-to-many relationship which AFAIK isn’t supported out of the box.
I was wondering if anyone can come up with a smart workaround for this.

Thanks ahead.

Hi Ryan, do you mean a user can submit the form to apply for multiple positions in the app, and then the employer can see all submissions of their job postings?

If the relation between jobs and candidates is a single relation, simply edit that relation and check-off the box that says “Multiple Relation”.

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It doesn’t work.

Does someone have an idea of how to create a many-to-many relation in Glide in general, and in this template in specific?


Can you specify what part of it doesn’t work and what are your current settings?

The relation is based on a text column, hence if I want to apply to multiple jobs -> the text column needs to be updated with multiple values and that cannot be done.

The relation should be many-to-many and AFAIK Glide doesn’t support this.

Based on your original post, I was thinking the relations can be set up like this.

Assuming each job posting has a rowID and a “job poster” email.

For each job posting, users have a form that records their email, the job’s rowID and additional fields.

Create a relation matching the rowID in the job posting sheet to the job’s rowID you record in the submissions sheet, use multiple matches. Now you have all “submissions” in that relation and can show the “job poster” in each of their job posting’s details view.

Would this work?

Many to many should be possible. Array columns or relation/lookup/relation combos should do the same thing. Basically, to answer your question, an array of values (via an Array column, Split column, or Lookup column) can be used for a multiple relation.

Thanks guys,
It’s working, but I kind of had to go to the moon and back.

Just to confirm this is the only way to accomplish the above:

  1. Set a ‘submission table’ and assign Job Row ID and Job Seeker Row ID
  2. In the jobs table I set a ‘match multiple’ relation between the Job Row ID and the matching row(s) ID in the submission table
  3. I created a Joined List column in the jobs table, based on the Relation column set in #2 above
  4. Created a split text column, splitting the values in the joined list column set in #3 above
  5. Set a ‘match multiple’ relation between the Job Seeker table and the column set in #4 above

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You could skip the join and split in steps 3 and 4 and just create a lookup column instead. So it would end up being the Relation/Lookup/Relation method.


Thank you!

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