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I’m building an app for a list of projects and the members involve in each project. Which means, one member can involve in multiple projects, and one project will have multiple members working on it.

I can’t think of a proper way how to set up the relation in glide. Any help? Much appreciated!

I think what you need here is a helper sheet where you store all assignments of member to projects. Let’s say it will have a project ID and an email of the assignee.

Then in the Users sheet, create a relation using the email to the assignments sheet, you will have the multiple projects each person is involved in.

In the Projects sheet, create a relation using the project ID, you will have the multiple members of the projects.


You need a third table. In this you have the row id from the project as project id and the row id from the members as members id column.

Than you can make related columns in project and menbers that relate to this third table with match multiple.

May I know how this helper table should be structured?
Let says I have 2 projects and 5 members. For project A, I have 3 members involved; project B with 5 members.
Should I put project ID in column A and members ID in Column B to D?

You only need A and B
Than a new row for each relation.

@Jacktools_Net is correct @Donny_Lau. It should be something like this.

Project | Email
Project A |
Project A |

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I’ve just posted a demo app in another thread which may suite your needs. It has only two tables
read it

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Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Jacktools_Net!
This solve my problem. Happy New Year!

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