Improved Progress Bar

Would be great to see some improvements to the progress bar component. E.g. Target value

My use case is for nutrition planning, where you may have a target or minimum value that you’d like to achieve, as well as a maximum that you shouldn’t exceed. This functionality is relevant to basically all industries and many situations, for example, a pass grade in a test - it might not be sufficient to set “Max” as the target value.

If there is a target, then you could also indicate whether the target has been met or the maximum exceeded, with progress bar colours or similar.

I wouldn’t want to lose the ability to display a percentage or the actual units as you can currently.

Quick sketch on possible Glide UI attached. I would imagine it to look like this only when a target value is set. When no target value is set it would display the same as now, i.e. no target line indicator and simply showing the value on the right hand side.

Instead of the “Value Display” option under “Design” it is probably more general to have a data value and a display value like some other components so I could show the 169/200g myself. You would still want to have some sort of target indicator on the progress bar though.


And add image field!

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