Import data directly into Glide Table from app

Hey guys,

I have a sales tracker/lead generator that I built for my company, and I needed some advice on importing new data into the app.

I originally started this project using Google Sheets, so importing data really wasn’t an issue. However, I’m to the point where the usage of the app greatly outweighs the limits of the 10,000 updates I get a month. (Legacy Pro)

I have been converting everything to Glide tables over the past week, which has honestly been a nightmare… I’ve figured mostly everything out except for the data import issue, I don’t want to have to use the Builder every time I need to add new records. Is there any way to do this without using the API? Possibly downloading the file (CSV, Excel, etc), then having somewhere in the app to upload that file so it can be added to the Glide Table?

Assuming all of the column placement and header titles are completely identical, is it possible to have these append directly into the Glide table of your choosing?

Example: You have 33 new client lead records and you need to add them into your data base, but none of the admins available have access to the backend (Glide Tables)… so they’d have to wait until I could do it myself, which is a problem.

I know you can do this directly in the builder by uploading the downloaded file into the table, but can you do this from inside the app itself somehow?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

I don’t think you can do this, API is the only way. I assume you don’t want it because of the updates count?

Though I wonder how far you can get using a browser automation acting as yourself to upload data in the builder.

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I wouldn’t mind using the API at all, I just don’t have access to it since I’m on the Pro Tier. Unless I’m mistaken?

Is it a Legacy Pro plan? It should cover the Basic API.

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