Implementing Sub-Stages and Automations in a CRM Project Module

I am building a traditional CRM-type app that includes a project module, and within each project, there are project stages. I have implemented the project stages as a relation so that I can associate more data with them, rather than using a single list. When the stages change, it triggers automations, which is fairly straightforward.

However, here’s the curveball: the users want to introduce sub-stages for each stage, and they also want automations to be triggered based on these sub-stages. I am seeking opinions on how to approach this before I proceed with the implementation.

Currently, triggering an automation based on the stage change within the project itself is easy. However, introducing sub-stages makes me consider a few options:

  1. Create a second relation for sub-stages.
  2. Trigger automations in the projects module based on a lookup of the sub-stages, which would be viewed in a new window and referenced as a lookup in the projects module.

I am unsure if triggering automations based on changes in a lookup field is possible, so I want to gather insights and explore different approaches before proceeding further with the implementation.

In summary, I am looking for advice on the best way to structure and trigger automations based on both stages and sub-stages within a project module in a CRM-type application.

How are you letting them change the stages? Should be straightforward if you’re doing it using an action. Keep the “automation based ọn changes in a lookup field” out of the window here, just focus on if it is changed through an action or not.