Implement a restaurant management system

I want to build a restaurant management system, in that restaurant let’s say there is only 1 Manager for now and 3 employees(i.e. A,B,C), are working under him. Now at the end of the day, the manager receives a total tip of let’s say $25 from the restaurant owner, and it is to be distributed among the 3 employees. Now the manager performs actions as follows:

  1. He gives $5 to A,(Balance left= $25- $5=$20).
  2. He gives $10 to B,(Balance left= $20- $10=$10).
  3. He gives $6 to C,(Balance left= $10- $6=$4).

and the manager is left with $4, now how to implement this logic, Can you suggest any videos or articles.

i have implemented the same logic in glide, but the tip amount is detected from the employee account rather than the manager.

here is the solution:

  1. form a 1-many relations in the same sheet. (choose a common column, that differentiates the employees it could be company name, team name, group name etc.)
  2. create a column where you can put the values to be used to subtract. (eg. $20-$10, here $10 can be used to create a separate column)
  3. use the rollup and select the relation column which you want to summarize.