Image Storage Size

I understand that if you upload images directly into your Glide Sheet that Glide optimizes the image automatically. However, how does that affect your Images & Files storage? If an image is normally 5MB and can be optimized via 3rd party website to say 500KB, will Glide also optimize close to that file size and then put 500 KB towards your usage space? Or will it still use the original 5MB? I’ve noticed when I export the content of a post to say Trello, it exports the original image and not the optimized version of the image too.

The reason why I am asking is that I currently am using 928MB/10GB with approximately 200 images and my app is imaged based, so essentially will be maxed out at 2000 images. If the 5MB were to be reduced to 500KB each, that would give me like 10x more images.

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I believe Glide will store the original size. The optimization come in when displaying the image in different components. Glide will create different optimized image versions from that original depending on the type of component you are using. I’m assuming that this happens on the fly, but overall, the original stored image is stored in the size that it was uploaded and that is the size that is used for your quota.

I think that makes sense. Also must be the reason why I am chewing through space.

I’ll have to see if we can limit the upload size of the image when using the Image Picker to help reduce space consumption.

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