Image missing background color

I’m using an image component on starting page. A day or two ago it started to show up with black bar on both sides of the image (instead of the usual white background)

At some stage the black bar will go away - possible after the phone has gone from portrait to landscape mode.

Image height: Square
Fill: Show whole image
Style: Edge to edge

Only seen on phone - not builder
Using: iOS 12.3.1, iPhone7

@Mark i have added a picture so you can see the problem.

I hope glide can fix the problem

Could you share your app, please?

@Mark I have created a very simple app without the private data. I had to try installing the app twice before I saw the problem show up.

Are you sure that the problem wasn’t just the published app being a little behind your changes in the builder?

@mark Well, the problem is also seen on the other app I have created and where I haven’t changed the app.

The demo app I linked to - I have tried to delete the app - install it again and problem is still seen

So I believe the problem persists

Hi, I’m looking into it. Thank you for the report.

@jason. Great. Pls notice that the black bars disappear when scrolling vertically

Can you tell me exactly what device and OS version you are seeing this on?


Sorry I didn’t see that!