Image Carousel - Desktop Version not working

I’m using the Image function to display a number of images on my app. On the mobile version the images can be viewed with the swipe function - works perfectly - on the desktop version the images can not be visited - it only shows 1/7 - Known bug? Any workaround?

Adding the enlarge option is a no-go as I would not like to allow for the images to be shared - The share option can not be disabled in this function - this would be a nice feature to have

Thanks for your feedback

Have you tried a swipe like action with your mouse? The carousel is mostly designed for touch input. My laptop has a touch screen so swiping works the same as on a phone, but also click and drag should work with a mouse or touchpad.

Hi Jeff, looks like this work - great stuff - thanks
I was stuck in the usual desktop habit of clicking on things - dragging with the mouse works just fine - Solved

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