I'm looking to create Omegle, but for smart people! (=

Is there a template I may use for this app I’m trying to create?

I want to create something similar to Omegle/ Video Roulette but for high IQ individuals (like this Glide community) to meet and build fruitful relationships with other high IQ individuals.

I’d appreciate any and all feedback!


So I assume it’s kind of a community app?

Not necessarily.

How is Omegle a community app, if you don’t mind me asking?

What I’m creating --called Founder– is a website where it doesn’t matter what time it is, you simply hop in and be immediately connected to entrepreneurs / mentors / etc… and you will all video chat.

Simple, but very effective, as meaningful relationships may arise from this.

I was only asking based on your description of “meet and build fruitful relationships”, as I assume users can see all other users and start a chat/discuss with them about various topics. Is it what you want?

I’m not familiar with Omegle/Video Roulette.