If then else for within the month

Hello, would it be possible for me to add a column for dates within the month?

The short answer is yes.
But can you explain what you are wanting to do?


So i was trying to build an app for our company which could help us improve and check what activities will we do within the month.

Okay, but your question can be interpreted in lots of different ways, so you need to clarify that a little.
For example, if you just want to log the date/time that each activity is added, then all you need is a date/time column and populate that using a Form value.

But you mention if-then-else in your topic title, so I’m guessing you’re wanting to do something with the dates. So if you can help me understand that part of it, I’m sure I can help you find a solution.

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If it’s simply “check what activities will we do” within the CURRENT MONTH then the setup should be:

  • When you create a new activity, add a date picker to pick the date you will start that activity.

  • In the activities table, create a math column to get the difference between the current month and the month of the activity.

YEAR(N)*100 + MONTH(N) - YEAR(D)*100 - MONTH(D)

With N being the current timestamp, D being the activity start timestamp.

If it equals 0, then the activity falls in the current month.

If you want to view all months, then you can use the “group by” function after converting the date value to a readable month string. Let me know if you need it that way.