If the category exists it is not added

Does anyone know how to make it so that if I add a new category and that category exists, a message appears that says the category already exists and does not repeat itself.


Firstly you should have a custom form, follow @Darren_Murphy 's instructions in that thread.

Assuming you store your category name in a “Category Input” variable:

  • Create a relation from “Category Input” to the list of existing categories.
  • Show an error message when relation is not empty (meaning that’s a duplicate).
  • Only allow adding when “Category Input” is not empty and relation is empty.

Thank you but I did not understand what you explained to me :roll_eyes:

If you want, I can help you live on a zoom meeting. :slight_smile:

They will have to write the exact spelling of that category right? including the cases as well.
For example, if the category is “Glide” and they write “glide”, the relation won’t be made.

You can lowercase the input via a Glide plugin, and lowercase the whole existing list as well, then you make the relation through those lowercased text.


is this app

Is it like this?

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Hi I’m going to see it and I’ll tell you.

Yes it was thank you very much…
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Thanks, teacher

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