Idea Challenge / Tracker

Hello All,

I am new to the forum. I am trying to create an app that would allow me to post multiple design challenges for students.
(i.e. Design Challenge #1 Post)

  • Challenge Name
  • Challenge Description
  • Challenge Submission Date

Then allow students to submit responses to the specific Design Challenges
(i.e. Design Challenge #1 Submission #001)

  • User Name
  • Idea Submission

Then have a summary board of Idea Challenges with the ability to go into an Idea Challenge and view submissions. It would be a great nice to have if the users could submit a vote for ideas that like under each Idea Challenge.

Also is there a way to notify my students when a new Challenge has been posted within the app?

Has anyone created an app that is similar, or can someone help me through the creation?



Hi there,

I’ve built out a Challenges section in my app. Currently, my challenges are simply approved by the admin for points, but I could probably modify the app to allow for voting. As for notifications, Glide apps don’t offer notification badging for iOS apps yet. It would probably need to be a zapier email of some kind.

Thank you Robert. I will take a look and try it out.