I want a better idea

I just want to say that my idea of making a invisible navigation bar and a cool splash background, would be a cool idea, however, i did it, but it kinda look weird, do you have any ideas to make a cool invisibile navigation bar and a better page setup, look at this mess

so yeah, give me a few ideas that can make the app very good, never boring.

How do you expect the “invisible navigation bar” to work?

we can like make the top of the container background to be blue, splashy, like Mario underwater theme, for the top only, then the same color as navigation bar

You could create a background image in something like Canva, then set it as the background for a container? :thinking:

no, i already made the image in ms paint, you see it

Put your image inside a container and on the right hand side you could play with background effect and ‘with blur’

I think ‘with blur’ might look cool :sunglasses:

i know, but how do i make background fit the screen, because by the image i provided earlier, the image is zoomed in