I don’t know how to pose this question…

I’m trying to find the pros and cons of creating a relationship using one method over another.

Scenario: users send me film orders to archive then I send them back in bulk.

Tables: Archival Orders, Return Orders

In essence, a return order contains multiple archival orders. I have used both of the following methods but am wondering if one is technically better than the other:

  1. Assigning archival orders to a return order using a choice component (multiple selections)


  1. Assigning return orders to archival orders via set column action and a collection of the archival orders from the return order screen

The major difference I’m finding is that if I want to delete a return order I can easily do so with the first method as deleting the choice component data breaks the relationship in a clean manner.

The second method would still leave a deleted returnOrderID in the archival order table that has to be removed manually 1 by 1 since set column can’t be used on relationships.

If it were me, I’d probably create a new return order and then use a choice component to select the videos as part of that return order.