I can't tell who is logged into my Glide app. Please help


Is there a way to tell who is using my app each time someone opens the app? I can see “App: Logins” on my Google Sheet, but that only tracks actual login data. It doesn’t show the data of people who open and use the app after checking the “keep me signed in” box. I don’t know if this makes sense.

Can someone help me create a log table that houses the information of me users every time they interact with the app?


There isn’t a native way to see who is currently using the app. You would have to add an action to every button or list item that they click on and possibly write the current date/time to a column in the user profile sheet. You would need to create a template column that returns the signed in user’s email, then create a single relation to link the template email to the user profile sheet, then set up the action to write the date/time special value to the user profile, through the relation, using a set column action. You would have to set up the template and relation on all sheets, and set up the action on all components you want to track. This would require switching to custom action for everything.


Thanks Jeff. This sounds really hard. Is it possible to create a log table that records each time someone opens the app? That’s really all I want to know.

No there isn’t any way to do that right now.

You could configure some visibility settings, so that the signed in user click a button, that logs their login, and then they can use the app. It can reset every x time.
It’s not the friendliest thing, though, but it might work.


Thanks @eltintero, How do I do that?

Jeff did a great explanation up here: I can't tell who is logged into my Glide app. Please help - #2 by Jeff_Hager
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