I build a Glide pricing recommendation page with OpenAI integration

A few weeks back, I came across a tweet from @taleno.digital that sparked my curiosity about the limitations and features of the Glide Pricing Plan.

This week, I revisited the tweet and decided to build a price recommendation page while play with the new OpenAI integration. I plan to do it 2 ways, manually and with ChatGPT. It quickly became apparent that it would be too tedious to create the many conditions.

Using OpenAI was the next logical step, but I needed to make sure I was feeding it the correct prompt, which included the latest pricing plan.


Here are a couple of things I considered:

  • Monitoring my updates count: Since I am still using the free plan, which limits me to 1000 edits, I will be monitoring this carefully as I launch a public page and sign-in page for anyone to test out. While I don’t expect it to go viral anytime soon, it’s always better to play it safe.
  • Setting control over OpenAI Usage: As this is a crucial feature I’m building, and it costs tokens to generate prompts, I built a credit system and made it available only to signed-in users. With extra credits if user tweet about it.

Excited to launch Price Glide and looking forward to feedback from users!

You can read the Price Glide #Buildinpublic here. https://twitter.com/OwyssWerkin/status/1643267453823389698?s=20


Cool… but it does not consider Uzo’s plans LOL

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Cool, thanks for sharing!

Just curious, why do you need so many branches of logic? What are you doing with the set column actions?

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The many branches are used for the Manual Check method. (For non-sign in user without AI prompt)
If certain conditions are met it will set the column for Recommendation to the plan.
(eg. I check if the barcode scanner options are selected, if condition is true, its obvious that will be a Business Plan.)
Is there a better way to do this manually? I am making a comparison that for some features, Chatgpt can greatly help and improve functionality.

I think you could do all this with some Glide Data Editor logic. Create a table that lists all the features, and then a series of boolean columns, one for each Plan. Set each to true if the feature is available on that Plan. Capture the desired features in user specific columns, then you can determine the recommended Plan using a combination of computed columns.

I haven’t actually thought through the approach in detail, but I’m quite certain it would be doable.